our process

Going Above And Beyond

At EB Luxury Homes, the homebuilding process is driven by two foundational goals: Your vision of an extravagant home and our passion for exceptional beauty, exceptionally built. In pursuit of these goals, we embrace an above and beyond mentality, hands-on approach, and luxury-standard materials throughout the process so you can live in a home that is impeccably crafted and luxuriously designed.


get pre-approved

Finance Your
Luxury Home

The first step in building with EB Luxury is to get pre-approved for the homebuilding process. This step equips you with the finances you need to set a budget and build your luxury home with the confidence that you will be able to afford it. Let us connect you with trusted lenders to start you on the process of creating the life of luxury you desire.


Homesite Selection

The Perfect Place
For Your Perfect

The next step in building with EB Luxury is to choose the site of your new space. A homesite can help to guide the design, so choosing a site that supports your expansive homebuilding dreams is a must. We can help you explore locations where we are already building, review potential homesites with you, and assist you in finding a place that perfectly complements your vision of home.


Design Your Home

Bring Your Vision
To Life

The third step in building with EB Luxury is to design your home. Throughout this step of the process, we will help you bring your vision to extravagant life, ensuring exceptional beauty, total functionality, and the ideal fit with your preferred life. A luxury design is the foundation for a truly luxurious home.


Finalize Home

Create Luxury In
Every Detail

At EB Luxury, an eye for detail and a passion for exceptional homebuilding drive us to ensure that every detail of your home is perfect. From selecting high-end finishes to indulging in the most luxurious flooring, appliances, and lighting, we make sure that your home exceeds your most expansive vision of home.


Start Building

Watch Your Home

Once we finalize the details, we begin to build. Our hands-on approach ensures that we oversee every detail of the building process to ensure that your home is built with exceptional quality and to our most exacting standards. This is the step where you enjoy watching your homebuilding dream come to life.


Loan Closing

Take Possession
Of Your Luxury Life

Once your home is complete, you will close on your loan. This is the most exciting part of the process, because this is the moment your luxury dream home becomes yours. Built to exceed your vision. Crafted to the highest standards. Filled with top-of-the-line materials. Defined by impeccable quality and craftsmanship. This home is a place where luxury living can occur.