Homes That Go Above
And Beyond

From a compact retreat from daily life to sprawling testaments to grandeur and comfort, the homes we build are more than just a place to live. They are exceptionally crafted spaces designed for luxury, comfort, quality, and beauty. New home construction. Custom floor plans. Interior design. Our homes and our services make a luxury life possible.

New Home Construction

Luxury-standard quality goes into every inch of our new home construction. From foundation to finish, we invest time, effort, attention and passion to create a home that is more amazing and luxurious than you ever envisioned.

Custom Floor Plans

Our homes are more than extravagance come to life. They are places where YOUR dreams come to life, with custom floor plans and beautiful designs created to your most exacting standards.

Interior Design

No home is complete without an interior that matches the beauty, quality, and luxury of the home’s exterior. That is why we take our passion and our vision to create interior designs that exceed your vision and indulge your senses.

luxury interiors

Designing Your
Dream Home

When you build EB Luxury, you get a home interior that goes above and beyond in quality, in luxury, and in design. That is why we start with your dreams – However extravagant they may be – Continue with carefully crafted custom designs, and finish with top-of-the-line materials. The result is a home where every inch supports your comfort, indulges your senses, and supports the luxury life you want to live. The result is a home that exceeds all of your luxury living dreams.


Luxury Exteriors
For Luxury Life

The exterior of your home should reflect the luxury life that goes on inside. That is why every home we build boasts custom designs blended with high-end materials and stunning curb appeal. Continue the comfortable life you deserve outside. Our craftsmanship can include luxury outdoor living spaces that are as extravagant, perfectly appointed, and relaxing as your interior. With EB Luxury, we build exceptional beauty inside and out.